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Unable to create user with phone number assigned.

Jeff Marshall
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Brian McBride • Hi, I'm wondering does anyone know how to add a phone number as well as an extension to a webex calling user? I'm using the create people API when I use the extension parameter it works fine but when using the PhoneNumber parameter it fails. If I send the request without a webex calling license it accepts it fine. If I send it with a license I am returned the following.

{'message': 'Failed to create people. Invalid User Phone number. Phone number should be present either in User level or in calling license properties, not in both places.'

I'm pushing this too

The JSON body looks like the following

{'displayName': 'Test Python56',
'emails': [''],
'extension': '111458',
'firstName': 'Test',
'lastName': 'Python',
'licenses': ['Y2lzY29zcGFyazovL3VzL0xJQ0VOU0UvM2VmOTdmM2ItZDNjYS00ZTgyLTg3NmQtN2NiNGVkMTgxNGY3OlNQU1REX2E3NTY5ZmJjLTQ2YzQtNGE0ZS1iZTU3LWE2MTBlZjg4ZmYxYQ'],
'orgId': '3ef97f3b-d3ca-4e82-876d-7cb4ed1814f7',
'phoneNumbers': [{'type': 'work', 'value': '02078177223'}]}

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Jeff Marshall
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What happens if you try the full phone number as it's displayed in Control Hub under Calling -> Numbers but without the plus? Also, while this isn't the issue you should be using the base64 encoded orgId as the UUID isn't officially supported by the API and it could stop working at anytime without notice. You can get the encoded orgId from the /organizations API.

Hi Jeff,


Thank you for your response, I'll look into sorting the org ID once we get through this issue. Whether I send the number in e.164 format, without a 0 or with the 0 the response is always the same. I configured the user manually and queried the API.


  "id": "Y2lzY29zcGFyazovL3VzL1BFT1BMRS9mYWEzOTg1NS03ZjIxLTQyZGUtODU3NS00ZDliNjA1OGRjYjU",
  "emails": [
  "phoneNumbers": [
      "type": "work",
      "value": "+442078177222"

 Formatting looks correct to me on the post request. So I'm not quite sure what the error is.

This would likely be better handled through a support ticket. Can you please send the details to and include the trackingId that's returned as well so logging can be checked. Based on the error message alone that you provided it seems like what you're providing in the phone number field isn't matching with what numbers are available in your org.

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