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FYI: enabling "full meeting experience" in Webex(-Teams) not available for free Webex-Accounts.

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Rising star

During one of the sessions at the "Cisco Live 2021" the presenter confirmed that currently the Webex-Client does not offer the same, "full meeting experience" as the Webex-Meetings-Client does.
Currently this needs to be enabled by Cisco upon Client-request individually.

The answer to my TAC-Case SR 691158006 was, that this enabling is NOT possible for free Webex-Accounts.

On the one hand I do fully understand that Cisco needs to balance it´s ressources in favor of paying customers.
But on the other hand I wonder if it´s a smart approach to completely hide features in the "free-Version = Demo-Version" since this may give decision-makers a false impression of the capabilities of the product.

Limiting the performance of features? yes, of course! (e.g. less cloud-space, less participants, perhaps even a watermark?)
But completely hiding relevant features?

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