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How to fully exit Webex app when done with a meeting

I attend Webex meetings several times a week. When I leave a meeting, I want the Webex app to fully exit and not stay running in the background. I do not want it to pop open a calendar showing me other meetings (which I never voluntarily gave it access to anyway), and I do not want it to have ghost apps showing up in my Alt-Tab list! But I cannot figure out how to configure Webex to completely exist upon leaving a meeting.  These turd apps in lays around are super annoying! Is there any magic, such as a registry key I can set, to force it to fully exit? Or do I just need to keep going to Task Manager to kill it entirely?

Roray Stewart

I'm not aware of a way to have it fully exit when you leave a meeting but you can exit the app by clicking the cog wheel top right of the app of right clicking it in the system tray.


It's a two step process:

Select cog wheel -> Sign out -> Sign-in window will open -> Select cog wheel -> Exit.

I've checked my task manager, it's no longer running in background when I do those steps to close the desktop app.

VIP Rising star


to quit the Webex(-Teams)-Client or the Webex-Meetings-Client, you may use the right mousebutton:




This doesn't close the background tasks. After I leave a Webex meeting,
there are FIVE separate tasks still showing in Task Manager, including,
apparently, one that is snooping in my calendar, which I don't want Webex to
do. I want Webex to FULLY shut down, including all background tasks, not
just close the visible app window!


If you are that much worried about.. privacy(?) you may perhaps also want to consider not using Windows10 at all.. or MacOS.. or iOS or Android.. or any Cloud-Service.. I guess.

Perhaps using the Web-Version of Webex is an option for you?

Up to a certain point I do understand your POV since I still refuse to "downgrade" from Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro on my private Computer because of all that spying Microsoft built into W10. But I also do know, that we - as a society - may perhaps have already passed the point of no return...

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