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Participants can't hear sound from my video

Alan A

Hi there.  I regularly run meetings on Webex for a client in which I need to show videos which are run from a browser - in this case Chrome.  I'm using a new iMac, running OS12.5.1 (Monterey) with a second screen connected, and Powerpoint for the main slides - coming out of PPT and into Chrome for the videos.

At the beginning of the meeting I check everything with my co-host, including running the video, and it works - he can see and hear the video.  Then I host the event, run through some slides, go to the video and ... no sound.  I've tried sharing different screens, and the browser, and nothing works.

I know about switching the share option to look for video, not adjust automatically, and about making sure the button for sound is clicked.

It works at the beginning, but not when I need it.  I can't see that I'm doing anything differently, but it doesn't work once people have joined.  Any thoughts?

Workarounds we've tried include:

- my co-host runs it - works for him! (different machine)

- I send everyone a link to the video in chat and they run it themselves

It's frustrating - any suggestions gratefully received.  Just don't send me the standard instructions, because I've seen it and I'm doing it

Thanks Alan

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Alan A

Hi Chris - yes I did mean that button, and it is clicked, and the drivers and my OS are all up to date.  As  I say, I've followed all the standard advice so I know what should happen - I suspect it's some weird glitch somewhere, but I can't work it out.


Hi @Alan A ,

When you say

making sure the button for sound is clicked.

Do you mean this one?


Because that's the button you'll need to click.

Note: When I clicked the option to take that screenshot above, this popped up - maybe you need updated drivers



RedNectar aka Chris Welsh.
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