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The new Webex app stealing my keyboard shortcut

The new Webex application (aka Cisco Spark, process CiscoCollabHost.exe) is capturing Alt+Shift+S as a global keyboard shortcut. I use this shortcut in another application and it stopped working there because Webex captures it first. I did not find what the purpose of this keyboard shortcut is in webex/spark and how to turn it off.
Thanks for any help


Steven Terry
Cisco Employee

Shift+Alt+S is used to Pause or Resume your Screen Share. You can find a complete list of webex shortcuts in the below link. Right now they are not customizable but that feature is on the roadmap. I would see if you have the issue when the application does not have focus. I.e. minimize webex and open a new app that you usually use the shortcut key on and see if you still have the issue when focus is not on the webex app. If so, get a TAC case opened for it and they might be able to provide a workaround until the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts is released. Hope that helps!

Hi Steve, thanks for your quick response.


My keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+S is global for webex, so webex captures it regardless of what application has focus currently. But the shortcut is local to the other application so it normally only works if the other application has focus. So yes, the issue occurs when the other application has focus (otherwise the shortcut would not work anyway).


I opened a TAC case.
Thanks again.


Hey Pedro,

Roger that. Good news is that customizable shortcuts are on the roadmap. So when that rolls out, hopefully, you won't run into a similar issue again. Hope you have a great rest of your day!



Hi Steve. Do you have an estimate when the customizable shortcuts feature will be available? "On the roadmap" sounds to me like at least few months, I was just wondering if you maybe have a better estimate.

Hey Pedro,

Unfortunately, there isn't a hard date on this feature yet. As more information comes available I'll update this thread.


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