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Webex Plugin for Outlook - Issue

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Level 1


The Webex Plugin in Outlook has been giving us issues. When attempting to add a webex meeting in the Calendar section of Outlook, if a user clicks "Add Webex Meeting" or "Webex Preferences", it then forces them to try and sign into 365 again even though they are already signed in. This then throws them into a loop.  It opens a browser that will take you to the webex sign in page (after you enter 365 credentials) but the page then gives you the error "We're having a problem communicating with the Cisco Webex Meetings service. Try again later."

The only way around this has been to cancel the original 365 login and essentially try it again by clicking back and then next in order to get to the365 login and then the webex sign in page which then lets you sign in this time.

We originally thought this was simply a user not using the plugin for an extended amount of time OR from a user's password expiring after 90 days. Neither are the case. It is simply random and in some cases, happens every time they close and re-open Outlook.

If anyone could provide some insight that would be great as our current workaround it miserable.



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