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Webex status does not show that you are in a non webex meeting


My "Availability and Status" is checked to share my availability with others. My status is reporting is active. It reflects a change in status only for WebEx meetings or when on a phone call but if I have a traditional meeting schedule in Outlook it does not show that I'm in a meeting, it simply reports I'm Active.  I'm getting instant messages when attending a in person meeting which is distracting and I'm unable to respond. Now, I'm unresponsive to the sender. How can this be fixed? 

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

One quick workaround is if you need some time to work without getting message or call notifications, you can set your availability to Do Not Disturb (DND) during non Webex meetings. Your status is updated so that other users can see that you don't want to be disturbed.

I understand but that is not an automatic solution. It requires me to remember to switch it on and off. The Jabber platform did this automatically and I found it beneficial.
Is this something that I can address another way or is there something in the works to add this feature in the near future?

I think Cisco is aware of this and it was already addressed.

Check the feature request portals at or


Thank you for your suggestion, however I was not able to locate the solution with the links provided.  Could you send a link to the specific solution.  I found some that were close but did not address the problem completely.  There is no automatic connection to MS Outlook calendar to show reflect I'm in a  standard meeting (i.e. no WebEx attached). This will become an issues as more people return to the office. 

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