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I'm able to use regular WebEx meetings to connect to a device like a conference room and use eh audio and video from the conference room and not from the computer.  IS there a way for me to do this using WebEx training - I've tried a few things like take the Personal room details to try to connect and I'm only able to connect Webex Meetings but not to the WebEx training Center.    How do I use WebEx training Feature to connect to a video system...I've tried everything I know how and am unsuccessful.   Need help ASAP... We have a group of us that will be hosting and facilitating and it doesn't make sense for us to use separate videos if we are all in the same room.. 

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Clare Davis, Webex SME
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



Webex Training does not support video conferencing, so you're doing nothing wrong.  For your video conferencing needs, continue to use Meetings. 


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