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WxCC updating getqueueinfo

I am looking for suggestions for how to update getqueueinfo dynamically. I have scripted each subsequent call receives a message "There are X calls ahead of you." but cannot get X to update when a call drops out of the queue.

Update WebEx Space Name

Have several WebEx spaces which are General. Example: General/Sally and want to change to Sally.Need to change the space name to match those of other spaces.Need instructions on how to change a space name. Or if not doable, what options exist.

SallyA by Beginner
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Poly Savi 8210 office

We are having issues with our Poly Savi 8210 headsets (6) when using the option “Consult First” on Webex, the headset gets muted, and can’t hear the other side of the line.When press transfer the headset works normally.

bmonteiro by Beginner
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Starting Concurrent Training Sessions

We currently have two admin WebEx accounts and we are attempting to start 6 concurrent training sessions. We can start 3 sessions if they are "hosted" by account1 and another 3 sessions if they are "hosted" by account2. The issue is, we set up a larg...

Question1 by Beginner
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Resolved! How to increase the number of people who can access the Hands-on Labs

I added an account to ask another colleague to set up a hands-on PC for a webex training session. My colleague's account was unable to access the Hands-on Labs Administration page. What roles or permissions should be granted to allow access to the Ha...

Webex will popup full if you miss a call

Good day,Are we the only one where if you don't pick up an call Webex will popup in your screen, showing the 'calling' page?When typing an email, Webex takes over and I'm typing in Webex for search or dial a number.We are new to the program so maybe ...

RomyM by Beginner
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Resolved! Renewing Webex Certification

Hello.  I was informed that my certification for the Webex Ambassador Power User is going to expire.  I only see one training that I have already taken under Certifications & Retraining (see attached pic).  Is retaking the "Webex Ambassador Power- Us...

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 10.05.49 AM.png
stevenha1 by Beginner
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