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Webex Employee's Favorite Feature of the Month: Gestures

Cisco Employee

Raise your hands!

Are you using Webex reactions and gestures? We'd love to hear what you love about them and any tips you have. Use less than 100 words to describe how gestures and reactions help you confidently engage in meetings without saying a word or how you use them as a host to keep meetings on track. We want to know!

Once we get your response, we'll enter you into our giveaway for a chance to win a Cisco 730 headset. We'll keep this post active through the entire month of May and randomly select a giveaway winner the first week of June! Congratulations to April's winner, Elane K.!

Stay tuned for our blog. 

Use animated reactions to express yourself in a meeting, event, or breakout session without ever speaking. You can also cheer on speakers with the clapping hands reaction, laugh at a joke with the "haha" reaction, and even engage participants by asking them to give a thumbs up or down reaction.


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Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Hi @aahawkin ,

Thanks for posting that here in the Webex Community.

There are plenty of moments where gestures have proven useful for me and my team. We have a larger team of ~70 people, and when we have our monthly check-ins we celebrate new team members, accomplishments, and cover our mission for the month. With that many people in one virtual meeting room, it is hard if not impossible for everyone to get a word in, even if it is just "Good job" or "Congratulations". Having the reactions present in meetings is an easy way for everyone to express themselves and provide interactive feedback. Presenters rely on feedback to best communicate, and this feature is a simple way of bringing the human touch into a virtual setting.

I am excited to hear how others are using this feature today.  

Hello @aahawkin,

Gestures have been helpful as our team navigates a new normal in a healthcare domain that has been forever altered. We are now operating as a healthcare agency 60-90% on video. Gestures allow for both patient/participant interaction as well as feedback to the provider or presenter. Gestures allow me to 'say' what I want at that moment without interrupting. For someone non-neurotypical, this is one of the main ways I have been able to change my interactions with my co-workers in a positive way without sidelining a presentation. Also, it just feels great when there are a bunch of congrats and thumbs up to a topic or an idea, the feedback is more noticeable than in person and wondering if the message is landing as intended.

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