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Make asynchronous work engaging with Slido - Q&A


Q: Are the “dismissed” questions stored somewhere? can they be approved later even if they were dismissed before?

A: Yes, they are saved and you can easily retrieve them to make them live again.


Q: Can we set up a poll so that we can distinguish between two sets of participants in the same meeting and voting on the same poll question?

A:You can set up your Slido session so that people have to join with a name and/or email. Look in the settings and privacy part. Then their votes will be connected to their name and or email.


Q: Can you customize the polls in slido? As in the colors or branding? It seems the colors of this event aren’t the same as usual Slidos.

A:Yes you can customise both the participant and present mode within the host mode in settings - customization. Link here:


Q: How  to create a survey allowing a team to submit question for team meeting?

A:Hopefully Andrew's demo is helpful here!


Q: Is it possible to manage slido [create/activate polls] even if you have no presenter role? traditional webex pools are limited to presenter role.notUserFriendly

A:Yes, this is possible. You can add "collaborators" to help you with Slido admin (like I'm doing today for Sabine and Andrew


Q: Just a note/suggestion: when exporting in pdf, you cannot have absolute votes (only percentages). Better to change it

A:There is a way Slido standalone to do this. In settings, go to features - then go to live polls and hit the button to see the options, where you can change it from percentage to whole numbers if you prefer


Q: Remind me - does the participant have to click on the slido icon? It's automatic for me, but I use SLIDO in webex all the time

A:Once you launch a poll, Slido sidebar will automatically pop up for your attendees!


Q: is part of Cisco ,,, but missing MORE benefits from integrations with webex ,, any plans to add benefits which will be missing in ZOOM/MS Teams meetings?

A:We have no roadmap or timeline for Slido for Zoom at the moment, but we hope to have it some day. But we do have a very good Microsoft Teams integration, which works similarly to the Webex integration. Details of which you can find here:


Q: There's a warning that resetting can not be undone. Should we just make a copy first Before re-using it?

A:You can duplicate the poll instead by using the three dot menu beside it yes, if you would like to keep the results of the original poll. Or alternatively, export the results from the analytics before resetting the poll


Q: Transfer host rights immediately for cohosts to preset slido in slides? Clarify please.

A:You can share access to people within Slido standalone like this: They can help set everything up in once you've done this.
Then if you want them to be a host in Slido once you've added it to Webex, you make them a cohost and they should see the host side / be able to request access directly in Webex.


Q: What does reporting data look like on the backend?

A:You will have access to your event's (or account) real time analytics, infographic, and you can also download all questions, poll results into xsl or pdf.

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