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Question Is it possible to transfer bot ownership?How to transfer the bot ownership? Answer Yes, it is possible to transfer the bot ownership if both users fall under the same org.You can have your org admin transfer ownership to another user in y...

Use Case Description/Overview With Cisco Webex Calling and TE-Systems anynode SBC, you can interconnect to existing infrastructure at the customer's premises, such as a third-party phone system (PBX) equipment, SIP providers or voice services, that...

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Use Case Description/Overview 2N® IP Intercoms and 2N® SIP Speakers are compatible and certified SIP devices withCisco´s Webex Calling.  The combination of 2N® IP Intercoms with Webex Calling enables secure and effective management of door communicat...


Use Case Description/OverviewSynergy SKY offers software solutions that integrate Webex Room Devices and your existing calendaring system to simplify the scheduling and joining workflows of your multi-vendor conferencing environments. With our Cisco-...

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