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prezi.pngUse Case Description/Overview

Prezi Video brings your content alongside you in Webex for better meetings, deeper collaboration, and enhanced productivity in the hybrid workplace.

With traditional screen sharing, you lose out on nonverbal cues — such as facial expressions and gestures — that are crucial for effective communication and relationship building. Prezi Video keeps you on-screen with your content for a more polished and professional-looking meeting experience that is significantly more immersive and engaging.

  • Easy to get started: Bring your existing Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Prezi content into Prezi Video with a single click.
  • Elevate your brand: Brand kits and branded templates will help you stay on message while differentiating your organization.
  • Reduce meeting fatigue: Keep your audience engaged during live meetings or cut down on the number of meetings by sending recorded video updates asynchronously.
  • Give everyone a voice: Use unlimited on-screen responses to turn passive attendees into active participants.

Vertical/Industry Alignment 
Prezi is useful across all verticals

Webex Environment Alignment
Prezi Video is available with Webex (async video sharing), Webex Meetings, and Webex Events

How to Purchase 
Prezi is a Cisco Solutions Plus partner, and their products are available via Cisco's Global Price list with a pre-negotiated volume price structure. Prezi is also available through channel partners and direct.

The Prezi SKU on the Global Price List is PREZI-PLAT-BUSINESS.


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