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WTW - Webex Go: Powerful Business Calling on Your Mobile Device - Q&A


Date: 2022-5-11



Q: ­Do we have to be on A-Flex to add this?­

A: ­Yes­



Q: ­When do you think Webex Go is going to be available for Ecuador (South America)?­

A: ­Ecuador is not currently on our expansion list­



Q: ­Will this be available outside the us?­

A: ­We will be adding availability in other countries over the next months... starting with UK­



Q: ­From a user perspective, what's the difference between Webex Go and Webex App? I understand features are different, but I make and receive calls on my mobile now with Webex App. now­

A: ­The power of using the native dialer, better network, and speech access "Call Dan" are available.­‑

A: ­The main difference is that you don't use "data" to make the call. Calls utilize the mobile voice network.­



Q: ­Will this be available outside the us?­

A: ­We are currently planning this expansion. Committed roadmap is not known at this time­



Q: ­and Europe (Netherlands)­

A: ­yes. probably sometime in 2023­



Q: ­Does WebEx Go require the use of a SIM?  I have a dual sim phone with two lines active. ­

A: ­As showing now, we use eSIM.   The device does need an available eSIM.­



Q: ­What will the price be to add this to a user’s account?­

A: ­List price is $13 (standard discounts apply) in addition to WxC professional license.­




Q: ­What if my current phone is using the eSIM­

A: ­We would need available eSIM (see the details of your device).­



Q: ­Hi, could you share the presentation­

A: ­We will be updating the Webex Community Post following the webinar with recording, Q&A, and slides from today's presentation later today -->­



Q: ­Will this be available for Webex for broadworks in the future?­

A: ­No... This requires mobile network integration with the BroadWorks platform, and it would be up to the SP hosting broadworks to do this integration­

A: ­having said that... Broadworks has mobile network integration capability in the platform... The physical interconnect, esim management, etc would all need to be done by the SP hosting BroadWorks. Mobile network integration for broadworks is described in the mobility solution guide.­



Q: ­Which app are you using to share the cisco phone and mobile device?­

A: Phone is plugged into the Desktop Pro Device using a dongle allowing to screen share



Q: ­Unrelated, how did he share two streams at once?­

A: The Demo was completed by joining the session twice (Desktop Pro for the mobile device screen share & a second laptop with a camera pointed at the phone). We used the Webinar stage sync feature with the screen share & the video of the physical phone to have both highlighted for the demo. Ed also had microphones configured so the audio from the phone camera would identify as the active speaker.



Q: ­Can we use SP model to leverage this? or the DIDs should be provisioned through Cisco only?­

A: ­a SP would need to be converted to the VAR model from a CCW and control hub perspective (contact your PSM on how to do this), they yes. Any number source can be supported. ­



Q: ­When do you plan to release it in Germany?­

A: ­we are hoping for some time in 2023­



Q: ­Is this a software for Apple only­

A: ­Sharing an Android to the Desk Pro is a bit more complicated, reach out to me directly if you have any questions­

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