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Download: Wireshark Coloring Rules File



- Now the coloring rule file supports Wireshark 2.4.0. Fixed some old obsolete syntax which is no longer supported in 2.4.0.

- Added some 802.11 and Cisco proprietary frames.

- Disabled CAPWAP_Control to pay attention to CAPWAP Heartbeat frames. You can enable it again at anytime.

These files are coloring rule files for Wireshark version 1.6.0 - 2.2.8 and version 2.4.0.

(Verified on Mac OS X10.6, 10.11.6, X Window System, and the latest Windows 7 Professional)


How to use


  1. Download for Wireshark version 2.2.8 or below, and for Wireshark version 2.4.0, attached on this document and unarchive them.
  2. Run your wireshark application.
  3. Click "Edit coloring rules" button loated in Tool bar to open Coloring Rules window.
  4. Click "Import" button then select the file downloaded at Step1.
  5. Click "Open" button to import the file.
  6. Click "Apply" button to apply the coloring rule to your wireshark.
  7. Click "OK" to close Coloring Rules window.
  8. Now you can see graphical colored wireless 802.11/LWAPP/CAPWAP/WLCCP frames when you open wireless sniffer files.


Note: The order of each coloring rule is important. You may override existing rules by changing the order. Some protocols like TCP, HTTP, and FCS checksum which are default rule are disabled intentionally in order to give your attention to more important frames.

This rule has been described by hosaki and may contain old/wrong formula. Please feel free to contact me on CSC if you had noticed anything.


Coloring Rule Snapshot


Result of colored sniffer file

Ligang Yan

Really useful and worth to recommend.

Hideyuki Osaki
Cisco Employee

Thank you for the comment! Please feel free to suggest any enhancements for this ruling file.

It's greatly appreciated if you could rate my work by adding Stars



Hideyuki Osaki
Cisco Employee

Coloring rule is updated.

- Minor bug fix

- Added some wireless protocols

Verified at Version 1.9.2 running on OSX 10.8.6

Hideyuki Osaki
Cisco Employee

Fixed a broken link for attachment. Apologize for inconvenience.

Vinay Sharma
Rising star

Hello Hideyuki,

Could you upload the "Coloring_Rule_Snapshot.png" and "Result_of_coloring.png" as it is showing error and file is missing.

Thank you for sharing such an vital information with community users +5 :-)


Vinay Sharma
Community Manager

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