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Can monitoring reports on the Wireless Control System (WCS) be generated automatically on a scheduled time?


Running Reports
Cisco WCS reporting is necessary to monitor the system and network health as well as troubleshoot problems. A number of reports can be generated to run on an immediate and scheduled basis. Each report type has a number of user-defined criteria to aid in the defining of the reports. The reports are formatted as a summary, tabular, or combined (tabular and graphical) layout. Once defined, the reports can be saved for future diagnostic use or scheduled to run and report on a regular basis.

Reports are saved in either CSV or PDF format and are either saved to a file on WCS for later download or e-mailed to a specific e-mail address.

The reporting types include the following:

•Current, which provides a snap shot of the data from the last polling cycle without continuously polling

•Historical, which retrieves data from the device periodically and stores it in the WCS database

•Trend, which generates a report using aggregated data. Data can be periodically collected based from devices on user-defined intervals, and a schedule can be established for report generation.

With WCS, you also have the ability to export any report that you can view, sort reports into logical groups, and archive for long-term storage.

Note The number of rows visible in a report depends on the size of the html file, the number of database records, the size of the exported page, the size of the scheduled report, and the WCS server memory size. If you want the report to print as it appears on the page display, you must choose landscape mode. The detailed limitations are as follows:

  • Maximum number of graphs for a single report—500
  • Maximum size of an HTTP report (displayed in the Results parameter)—65 Mbs
  • Maximum number of records for a non-scheduled report—100,000 records
  • Maximum number of records for a scheduled report—Up to 200,000 records (when physical memory is greater than 1 GB)

More Information

The Reports menu provides access to all WCS reports as well as currently saved and scheduled reports.

•Report Launch Pad—The hub for all WCS reports. From this page, you can access specific types of reports and create new reports. 

•Scheduled Run Results—Allows you to access and manage all currently scheduled runs in WCS. 

•Saved Reports—Allows you to access and manage all currently saved reports in WCS. 

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