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To run the WLAN Controller, perform these initial configuration steps:Following are the Initial config steps to get the Wlan-Controller up and running :

  1. Configure the WLAN Controller interface with the IP address.

  2. Establish the Command Line Interface (CLI) to the controller by issuing the service wlan-controller 1/0 session command.

  3. Follow the controller configuration wizard. Make sure the subnet of management and Access Point (AP) manager matches that of WLAN Controller subnet.

  4. Configure the dynamic interfaces (VLANs) on the controller.

  5. On the 2811 (ISR2800), configure the WLAN Controller subinterfaces for additional VLANs.

In order to recover the password for the WLAN Controller, Apply the command service-module wlan-controller 1/0 reset in the privilege level mode.

Router#service-module wlan-controller 1/0 reset

Use reset only to recover from shutdown or failed state Warning: May lose data on the hard disc!

Do you want to reset?[confirm] y

This is what one is going to get on the screen while doing a password recovery.

Trying to reset Service Module wlan-controller1/0. r27-2821-1# *Jun 7 05:11:07.223: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface wlan-controller1/0, changed state to up r27-2821-1#service-module wlan-controller 1/0 session Trying, 2066 ... Open Cisco Bootloader Loading stage2.... Cisco Bootloader (Version .o88b. d888888b .d8888. .o88b. .d88b. d8P Y8 `88' 88' YP d8P Y8 .8P Y8. 8P 88 `8bo. 8P 88 88 8b 88 `Y8b. 8b 88 88 Y8b d8 .88. db 8D Y8b d8 `8b d8' `Y88P' Y888888P `8888Y' `Y88P' `Y88P' Booting Primary Image...

Press now [ESC] for additional boot options...

For boot options, choose one of these options:

  • Run the primary image (version (active)

  • Run the backup image (version

  • Manually upgrade the primary image

  • Change the active boot image

  • Clear the configuration. Enter your choice: 5

Choose one of these options:

  • Run the primary image (version (active)

  • Run the backup image (version

  • Manually upgrade theprimary image

  • Change the active boot image

  • Clear theonfiguration. Please enter your choice: 1

This is a summary of the procedures:

  • Reset the controller from 2811.

  • Session into controller.

  • Press [ESC ] to boot out to a special diagnostic mode.

  • Enter 5 to clear the configuration.

  • Enter 1 to boot off the primary image.

For more information on configuring the WLAN Controller, refer to the How to Configure the Cisco WLAN Controller Module section of Cisco WLAN Controller Network Module Feature Guide.

For more information on the WLAN Controller module , refer to Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Module Data sheet.

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Wireless LAN Controller Module (WLCM)

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