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Vinay Sharma
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This is the Q&A from "Technical Services Virtual Boot Camp - Web Authentication, Session 16"

Q. Can we have multiple subnet for DHCP ip to be received from WLC?

A. Yes, we can have multiple subnet for DHCP.

Q. Can we have the soft copy of this presentation?

A. The presentation soft copy is available at the following LINK.

Q. Will guest user be able to access corporate network?

A. We have guest user authentication because we don't want them to access corporate network.

Q. I need the recording of this webinar and also earlier one?

A. The recording of this webinar is available at Video and you can access all earlier recordings at Technical Services Virtual Boot Camp home page.

Q. Is lobby ambasador account is for guest access?

A. Lobby ambassador has privilege to create guest users.

Q. Can we download the customised page bundle from Cisco?

A. Yes, there are sample bundles that we can download from the CISCO site.

Q. In this case, is the ACL is created on ISE?

A. No, they are configure on WLC itself.

Q. If i am creating a manual password for quest user, can we use the same password for some other quest user?

A. No, the password is mapped to one user only. We can use same user/passwrod on different machines based on the number of cocurrent users configured on WLC.

Q. Can I put some password restriction in WLC for gust user like - 2 letter will be CAPS, 2 will be numeric like that?

A. We can't do it from WLC.

Q. Can we configure multple subnets in WLC for assigning DHCP IPs or we need to configure only one bigger subnet?

A. We can have different subnets but it's good if we use external DHCP server.

Q. Also instead of in CP page, can we put our company server address or some other ip address?

A. Yes, we can use other IP address as well.

Q. How anchor controller is different from the main controller?

A. Main controller (or foreign controller) is where the APs join. Anchor controller resides in DMZ zone.

Q. Is it mandatory to keep Anchor controller for guest authentication?

A. No, it is not mandatory to have Anchor controller for web authentication.

Q. What is the best practice for DHCP option for wireless network? External DHCP server or WLC can manage?

A. It's good to use external DHCP server, but if we don't have one then WLC can take care of it.

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