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In order to add the Wireless Location appliance to the WCS, use the default username and password, which is admin/admin. Refer to the Adding a Location Server to Cisco WCS section of Adding and Deleting Location Servers for more information on how to add the Wireless Location Appliance.

Complete these steps if the RFID tags are not seen:

  1. Verify that the Location Appliance server runs. Secure Shell (SSH) to it, and use the getserverinfo command in the command line interface (CLI). A response must appear.

  2. Verify that the Location Appliance is added to the Wireless Control System (WCS) in Locate > Add Server. The default username and password are both admin.

  3. Verify that the WCS and the Location Appliance are synchronized for both the Network Designs, or maps, and the controllers. In order to do this, choose WCS > Locate > Location Servers > Synchronize Servers.

  4. Verify that the Location Appliance polls for the tags/clients. Choose WCS > Location Servers > [server name] > Polling Parameters.

  5. Verify that the controller sees the tags/clients. In order to do this, use the show rfid summary command from the CLI of the controller.

  6. Verify that there is not a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Community filter that includes only the WCS IP address. The Location Appliance also needs SNMP access to the controller.

If the clients appear but not the tags, this can be because the controllers do not track tags by default. SSH to the controller, and from the CLI, use the show rfid config command. If necessary, enable tag tracking with the config rfid status enable command, and save the configuration.

In the WCS, change the message level to trace, reproduce the problem and collect the logs. In order to do this, complete these steps: 

  1. Choose Admin > Logging and choose Trace as the Message Level.

  2. Check the client stats poll check box.

  3. Choose execute now from the dropdown.

  4. Choose Admin > Logging, and click Download from the Download Logs section in order to get the logs.

  5. After the logs are collected, return the Message Level to Error, because Trace degrades performance.

Refer to these documents for more information:

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Device cannot register


Wireless Location Appliance

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