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this is Atul. I hope this forum helps me. I have a AIR-SAP1602I-N-K9 ap. It is a transfer from my one branch office to other. Since I have received it I am trying to reset it to factory defaults or in ROMMOn its not working. In which ever mode it boots it dose not allow me to enter config mode.

The O/p of sh command is like this

APf872.ea7c.7f6f#sh ?
  aaa                Show AAA values
  access-expression  List access expression
  access-lists       List access lists
  adjacency          Adjacent nodes
  aliases            Display alias commands
  arp                ARP table
  auto               Show Automation Template
  boot               show boot attributes
  bridge             Bridge Forwarding/Filtering Database [verbose]
  buffers            Buffer pool statistics
  call               Show call
  caller             Display information about dialup connections
  capability         Capability Information
  capwap             CAPWAP Show Options
  cca                CCA information
  cdp                CDP information
  cef                CEF address family independent status
  clock              Display the system clock
  compress           Show compression statistics
  configuration      Contents of Non-Volatile memory
  controllers        Interface controller status
  crypto             Encryption module
  dampening          Display dampening information
  data-corruption    Show data errors
  database           Show Database
  debugging          State of each debugging option
  derived-config     Derived operating configuration
  dhcp               Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol status
  dialer             Dialer parameters and statistics
  dnsix              Shows Dnsix/DMDP information
  dtls               DTLS show commands 

Though it shows configuration option it dose not accept it. nither I am able to use Ctrl+Brk option as suggested to enter in ROMMON mode.

can you people help me.

Thanks in advance for your inputs to come ahead in times to come.

Scott Fella
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To factory reset, hold the mode button for 10 seconds and cycle the power. After 10 seconds release the mode button and that will factory reset your AP.  If you hold it longer (30 seconds), then it will go to ROMMON mode.


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Level 1
Level 1


AP is in Recovery Mode as it is unable to find it's Controller.


If you use a WLC to manage your WAPs, use following command:

capwap ap controller ip address x.x.x.x 


Assign Static IP or use DHCP, Static configuration shown below:

capwap ap ip address a.b.c.d y.y.y.y

capwap ap ip default-gateway a.b.c.d


This process is called priming in the Cisco world.


Alternately, if you don't have a WLC upload a standalone IOS on the WAP and then you should be able to use your normal config commands.



Deepesh Tamhane

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