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Adding static arp entry on the WLC Cisco???

Hi!!! Is there any command to adding a static arp entry on the WLC 5508??? I rummaged all documentation anywhere nothing.

Mark Malone
VIP Mentor

looks to be the same a router just ....arp .....

This is for a 440 below hardly would think they changed it on 5508 worth a check

Controller Does Not Defend AP-Manager IP Address

This issues is a result of bug CSCsg75863. If the user accidently injects a device on the subnet that uses the AP-manager IP address of the controller, the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache on the default gateway router is refreshed with the wrong MAC address. When this occurs, the APs can no longer reach the controller and drop into their discovery phase to look for a controller. The APs send discovery requests, and the controller responds with discovery replies, but the JOIN requests never reach the AP-manager interface of the controller because of the bad ARP entry on the gateway router. After the default 4 hour ARP refresh interval, the APs join the controller if the device is removed.

A workaround for this issue is to configure the static ARP entries on the gateway router of the controller for these IP addresses:

  • Management IP address—Customers gain access to the graphical user interface (GUI) from another subnet, and the controller receives the AP discovery requests.

  • AP-Manager IP address—APs join the controller from another subnet.

  • Every Dynamic interface IP address—Packets from other subnets reach the dynamic interface of the controller.

DHCP packets transmit from the interface of the wireless client. Telnet or SSH to the gateway address of the controller, and use the arp <ip address> <hhhh.hhhh.hhhh> command in order to add the ARP entries. Use the ping command on the default router of the controller to the different addresses in order to refresh the ARP cache on the router. In order to discover the MAC addresses, use this command: show arp | include <ip address>.

On the WLC there is no such command, this example is to the router than the WLC.

wireless users ARP entry will be at the L3 switch where WLC connected, not on the WLC itself



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we are facing a similar issue but with flex connect deployment, the access points use to cache wrong mac address of the gateway router so clients are disconnected 

disabling the arp caching command is not working as it requires a higher IOSversion on the controller which is not feasible to upgrade at the moment 

is there any workarounds to add the static binding on the WLC so it pushes it to the flex APs with the proper mac add of the gateway ? 

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