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APs change their name

Amjad Abdullah

I have APs (1522 model) that change their name frequently to the default name.

at random times I can find some APs with their default name. I change the name to the correct one but the issue is still happening wih many APs.

I am not even able to remember if it happened with same AP twice.

we have WiSM and WCS

The issue happens only with outdoor APs (1522).

we have indoor APs (1242) with no issues.

anybody experience or heard about this problem before?



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Hi Amjad,

Do you see any information in the "show traplogs" or "show msglogs" in the WLC



There are no useful informaiton in traplog nor msglog.

msglog was set to "Alerts" level but I set it to "Errors" level today so I say more messages.

It seems the APs lose their whole configuraiton because HA and some other config (sshe enabled) are also removed!!

I wonder if there is anything would cause an AP to lose its configuraion except manual intervention?



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Amjad Abdullah

I found that the whole configuration is deleted on the AP and it goes back to default config when this happens!!

RAPs move to be MAPs with default name! This also noticed when there is power down and AP reboots. but this should not by anyway deletes the config on the AP!

Is there any known issue where APs loses the configuration? there is of course NO one set's the AP to default config using reset button or so. This happens without any human intervention.

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is there another MESH network in the area that the AP could be joining?


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Nope. It is only one mesh network. All outdoor APs almost RAP (only 2 MAPs).

We have another highly related problem (TAC case opened for it) where RAPs usually lose connection to wired side and fall back to virtual-radio inetrface to reach WLC. although RAP is connected to wired side but it is not using it and rather using wireless side to reach WLC.

I noticed that the AP that resets to factory defaults after experiencing the above problem for some time.

We have the above problem for some APs. but once I caught one AP with the above problem and after some time it was reset to factory defaults!

Not all of APs with the above problem reset to factory default. only some of them and on higher period (mayb once a month or 2 every 45 days).

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