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iPhone 4 iOS5 not working with Cisco Mobile 8.1 on Cisco APs

We have a 5508 controller and 1142 APs in HREAP mode deployed in our environment with WPA2 AES with PEAP authentication to our IAS servers for Active Directory authentication.  We also have CUCM 8.5 deployed for VoIP.  The wireless is working fine with our iPhones when you turn on the phone, it takes a few seconds to connect to the wifi from 3G as it appears to be turning off the wireless while sleeping.

A few months ago I installed Cisco Mobile 8.1 on my iPhone 4 running iOS 4 and when I did that, the wireless would stay connected all of the time, even while the phone screen was off so I could get calls through the app while walking around the office, which was great.  Since upgrading the phone to iOS 5, this is no longer the case.  The Cisco Mobile 8.1 app stays running, but the wireless shuts off, breaking the connection to Call Manager so I don't get notice of new calls.  Only if I happen to have the phone actively on and using it, with the wifi running will I get notice of calls.  I already went into the Notification settings and turned them on for Cisco Mobile as I saw that was a common problem with the iOS5 upgrade.

Any suggestions? I'm not sure if this is a Cisco Mobile issue, not forcing the iPhone to keep the WiFi running, or an iOS 5 issue with breaking the wifi connection.


while I can't tell you a solution, your post reminded me of this post as I see similarities,

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Elliott Shawd

I can think of two solutions. You could 1: turn the "auto-lock" to never, so that your phone never sleeps. Or, you could 2: jailbreak your iPhone and install "insomnia". I wish we had the Cisco Mobile app. I usually use wifi/insomnia and turn data off at work since we have wireless pretty much everywhere...

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Before iOS5 it was working without needing to do any of that.

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