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MSE cant be added to prime


Hi Experts,

im having issue adding MSE to prime with below error:

No response from server. it may be unreachable, or server is down or https connection to server failed. 


but the mse was already added before.  mse is version 8 and prime is 3.6. saw this below bug. but tried the work around and didnt help.


any other workaround for this issue?thanks




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                Check exact  and or full MSE-version , seems you need 8.0.150.x


yes thats the version i  just put version 8. and as i mentioned the mse was added before. i removed it for some troubleshooting. but ended up having more troubleshooting needs to be done

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 - Try to reboot the Prime server completely , if that doesn't  help either , then become root on Prime and issue the command # tail -f /var/log/messages (which starts a live-log watching session on the designated file). Then try to add                      the MSE server again and keep an eye on the live log. Check if any errors are appearing (e.g.).


i just had time to troubleshoot this again today. and i found out that the mse services is not running. i think this is the main reason why it cannot be added back to prime. but no matter how i retrieve it i.e. rebooting a few times and even restarting the vm itself it. it still doesnt want to run. when executing getserverinfo it shows:


retrieving mse services status

checking status of services at port 7555 (this same line keeps on appearing)

then will show:

failed to get the status for process at port 7555

is there any other way to make the mse services running again?

i saw that post already and the mse already has 8GB


 - Check current status of MSE with :

                               #  /etc/init.d/msed status 



below was my captured yesterday. and the line "checking status of services at port 7555" keeps appearing as well when issuing /etc/init.d/msed status.  


msename]# /etc/init.d/msed status


Health Monitor is running

UDI: PID: AIR-MSE-VA-K9      , VID: V01, SN:msename.domainxxxx-xxx-xxxx

Disk Capacity: 407G

Disk Space used: 49G

Drive Type: Spinning Disk Drive

Server Uptime: 0 Days, 1:03 Hours

Number of Reboots:16


Retrieving MSE Services status.

Checking status of services at port 7555

Checking status of services at port 7555

Checking status of services at port 7555

Checking status of services at port 7555

Checking status of services at port 7555

Checking status of services at port 7555

Checking status of services at port 7555


 - As root on the mse server further check possible issues with MSE with a command as # dmesg also have an overview-look of .     /var/log/messages ,                 look for problem situations if any.


i did the last resort which is rebuilding the mse. but this time having issue during the upgrade. creating new thread. non stop issue.  *sigh*

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