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Multiple mac addresses in a scheduled Client session report


Is there a way under the report criteria to specify multiple mac address. I know you can do one mac address or "All Clients" but I would like to print a report for only 5 on one report.

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Follow these steps after choosing the Schedule tab within any report type.


Step 1 Check the Enable Schedule check box.

Step 2 Specify if you want the export format to be .csv (a file containing the MAC addresses of access points) or .pdf from the Export Format drop-down menu.

Step 3 Choose either the Save to File or E-mail To option as the destination type.

-If you select the Save to File option, a destination path must first be defined at the Administration > Settings > Report page. Enter the destination path for the files in the Repository Path field.

-If you select the E-mail to option, an SMTP Mail Server must be defined prior to entry of the target e-mail address. Choose Administrator > Settings > Mail Server to enter the appropriate information.

Step 4 Enter a start date (MM:DD:YYYY format) in the provided field or click the calendar icon to select a date. The report begins running on this date.

Step 5 Specify a start time using the hour and minute drop-down menus.

Step 6 Click on one of the recurrence buttons to select how often the report is run.

Step 7 When entry is complete, do one of the following:

•Click Save to save the entry.

•Click Save and Run to save the changes and run the report now. The report is run, and the results are either e-mailed or saved to a designated file as defined in the Schedule tab. The report runs again at the scheduled time.

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