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Nokia E66 and QoS issues



I have the following scenario:

WLC 5508 with VWLAN fully configured according cisco requirements.

Perfect roaming and voice quality for cisco 7925 phone and Nokia E51 with cisco call connect 1.6.

Very bad voice quality and very bad roaming for Nokia E66, Nokia E71 and Nokia E63 with latest cisco call connect and Nokia FW.

(Assume QoS at platinum level for the VoWLAN)

I also noticed the following behaviour:

all phones in standby shows an echo reply to a ping with heavy delay (between 80-200 ms).

Nokia E51 and Cisco 7925 shows an echo reply stable at 3 - 5 ms during a call.

Nokia E66 shows an echo reply unstable with delay 80-200ms during a call.

If I put the E66 in a WLAN with QoS set to silver the phone works, the roaming is pretty better (but not completely satisfying) the voice quality is better but not completely acceptable. Answer to ping is stable at 3-5 ms during a call.

so i can assume that something is not working with E66 (and E71, E63) QoS.

I can add that call manager release 6.1.x has the NOKIA.cop files to recognize the nokia type of phone, it shows S60 in the phone lists but it's not able to recognize the nokia phones and it registers them as 7970 cisco phone.

I thank you all for your collaboration.




Roger Nobel
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Johnny

I am not sure about the call manager question.

However from your symptom description it indeed sounds like a QoS problem.

To be 100% sure you would require wireless sniffer trace and verify the COS value, which has to be set for voice. Maybe you will discover traffic marked with BE (best effort).

I remember some time ago Nokia E65 as example if the AP send Beacon with ACM set to mendatory for voice,

--> this means that a WMM-client which would like to  use now the Voice AC, needs to request this via a TSPEC admission
control. If it is not doing it, its traffic is getting re-classified in following manner:

Goto: Impact of TSpec Admission Control
Table 2-5 / Table 2-6.
In other words Nokia E65 did not support CAC but since this has been configured to be mendatory the WMM marking
falls back to BE. To work around, you can try now to disable ACM.
Ofcourse this is just an assumption and you will have to verify using wireless sniffer trace.

Best regards
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