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Outdoor NEMA enclosure or Outdoor AP.



I am going to be installing 3502E for an outdoor wireless. I am just wondering if anyone would help me what enclosure should I get for 3502E. Also, should I get an external omnidirectional antenna? I also found this enclosure 12106CPOLYF-OO-RT. I am not sure if this is suffice in Las Vegas weather.

In addition, I know I would need a lightning arrestor, and some type of fiber-to-copper tranreceiver. Do you guys have a recommended model for these hardware?

I am also looking at Cisco 1530 AP, but not sure if I should get the 1530I or 1530E. For 1530 AP, can you guys also recommend a lightning arrestor, and some type of fiber-to-copper tranreceiver model for these AP. I won't be doing mesh for these AP, it will be an another alternative to the 3502E with enclosure. I just don't know which setup should I take.

Does the 1530 AP has a seperate CAT6 port just for POE or can I power on the 1530 with just one CAT6 (data/power)?

Thank you in advance.

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Scott Fella
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Take a look at this enclosure also:

As far as the 1532's, they are meant to be used outdoors, so this might be a better option for you.  Loghtning arrestors is a good idea, and many low voltage electricians know of various kinds that will work, basically they are CAT5e CAT6 lightning arrestors that have are rated for PoE, if PoE is being used.  I can't say too much about a transceiver/media converter, because many I have seen in the field are not gigabit, but they do make gigabit ones these days. The 1532, only have a RJ-45 jack, so if your using a media converter, well that needs to be powered up and also in an enclosure that can keep the temps below the max operating temperature.  If your runs are longer than 300 meters, then your better off doing MESH and supplying power to the mesh AP's.



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Thank for the quick reply. I was looking at the datasheet of 1530, and saw that it does have POE-in and LAN ports. Does it mean that the data goes to the LAN port and the power goes to the POE-in? Therefore, two cable runs is going to be need for 1530 APs?

I have never installed an outdoor AP, and this is gonna be my first one. Is the media converter really necessary or a lightning arrestor is enough.

The AP location is gonna be on the 6th floor outdoor, but the building is about 40 floors total.

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