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Upgrade WCS to new hardware / new license / new IP

Level 1
Level 1

I have a WCS on an old WLSE appliance (Linux version). I have 18 controllers and 1 location appliance connected to this WCS. I have outgrown the 500 AP limit. We have purchased a new Enterprise plus license for 2000 APs. I would like to migrate the database to a new Linux server. However, the name of the server and the IP address of the server will be different. I'm looking for the proper steps to move over to the new WCS without needing to rebuild everything. Is there any documentation?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You didn't say what version of WCS you had but first I would at least get it to a major release stopping point.  Go to either or

Once you get to that release make a backup and save it somewhere safe.  Install this same version or the higher version you want to upgrade to on the new server and restore the backup.

Send email to or open a case with TAC and ask to have the license rehosted.  WCS licenses are tied to the hostname so you will need to provide the new hostname.

Once you have the WCS backup restored and on the new server you can add this new license.  The old license will not work since it was an upgrade license for WLSE hardware.

Lucien Avramov
Level 10
Level 10

1.You will need to just make a backup from the CLI of your WLSE:

/opt/WCSX.X/bin > ./Backup

2.Then export the backup file and restore it on the WCS on your other server, and Restore the file. If it's windows there is an icon under Start -> Program Files -> WCS. Under Linux its the Restore script.
Make sure the versions are compatible, when you check the release notes of the version of your new WCS server:
I strongly encourage you to go up to the latest WCS on your new machine.
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