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Dustin Baker
Cisco Employee

Happy Holidays from Webex! Spread the cheer with our Winter Theme, now available!

I’m excited to announce that we have enabled the Winter Theme globally for the Preview Channel! 

The first snowfall of the season has just landed on your cloud devices running the Preview Software Channel. Starting now you can enjoy this Winter Theme on all of your devices by moving them to Beta/Preview or you can also choose to Opt-In and have all of your devices with this Winter Theme too! If you wish to Opt-In to the Winter Theme for ALL of your devices please fill out the request here:


Winter Theme Halfwake.pngWinter Theme T10 new.pngWinter Mode Board.pngWinter Theme Awake.png

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Thanks for posting @Dustin Baker !

Another piece of good news for our virtual background lovers! You can now spread even more holiday spirit with our new downloadable virtual backgrounds. You can download those here -

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Just as a side note, that page says "How do I change my Webex Background? Changing your Cisco Webex Background is straightforward. While in the Apple iOS Webex App perform the following steps...". As far as I remember, virtual backgrounds can be used in various Webex clients, not only under Apple iOS, so it looks a bit strange to see such a "special treatment" of that one on the general (not Apple-specific) help page :).


Is this not happening this year?

Hi Craig - Yes, it is! This might be happening due to the fact we need to roll this out thru our Webex DCs... Hopefully you will see snow in your device. Cheers!

ok, I had a couple devices that had it but it went away.  It makes the office more in the holiday spirit when the rooms have it.  We don't get a lot in the office now but lets make the ones that come in happy


Hopefully we will see it soon

make sure you follow the link in the original post



What do we have to do to activate Winter theme in Webex Board. Is it happening automatically? We are at Cluster AG.

We just moved the system code from Stable to Preview 


Are there any details on which devices get the Dark theme vs. the light theme?  On the Dark theme it's really hard to read the text.


Yet another piece of Cisco ARROGANCE or IGNORANCE - "I’m excited to announce that we have enabled the Winter Theme globally for the Preview Channel!"

Why would a company that pretends to be "global" introduce a WINTER theme at the beginning of SUMMER for half the globe??

There are only two reasons

Cisco wish to promote their IGNORANCE - "Duh: I didn't know the world was round and tilted in it's orbit around the sun"


ARROGANCE - "We don't give a **** about the Southern half of the globe"

Take your pick. There are NO OTHER CHOICES.

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