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Webex Employee's Favorite Feature of the Month: Vidcast

Erin Breitsprecher
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I don't know about you, but many of my workdays seem to be back-to-back meetings. I enjoy meeting with my team, but I really love having an option to work async when I need to feel more in control of my calendar.

Instead spending time comparing calendars with coworkers distributed across the globe, I can quickly record and share a video with the team. Whether it's sending a project update, a walkthrough of a new resource, or just to say a quick hello, Vidcast gives me precious time back and the flexibility to work on my own time without running into any delays from scheduling conflicts.

Share your Vidcasts in Webex spaces, social media, email—whatever's easiest for you, wherever you're working. Viewers can leave reactions and comments so you can compile feedback whenever convenient. No more meeting fatigue or feeling like there's not enough time in the workday!

Need more information? Check out these resources.

Has Vidcast saved you time or made async work easier? Has it helped you have more control over your calendar?
Let us know by commenting below! One person who responds to this post will be randomly selected to win some Webex swag!


More about Vidcast

Does your calendar look like a giant block of meetings with only a few free minutes during the day? Give yourself a break from meetings by sharing updates asynchronously with Vidcast. As a Webex customer, you get Vidcast for free.

Record and share updates immediately—no need to sync calendars, sit in yet another meeting, or delay projects due to scheduling conflicts.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Vidcast has been a game changer for our team! From stakeholder reviews to data dashboard walkthroughs, sharing updates on our programs with our leadership team and more.. we look to Vidcast!  Vidcast has equipped us to work smarter, not harder - and with less meetings, we're all more productive.

I have to admit, at first I didn't "get it" - but after my first use of Vidcast to receive stakeholder sign off on a critical project instead of requiring a live meeting with the PM - I am sold!

Stephanie Knoop (ePlus)
VIP Collaborator VIP Collaborator
VIP Collaborator

This post got me to rethink a meeting I was planning to schedule with our help desk to share some changes in Webex Control Hub.  Instead, I made a quick Vidcast and shared it to the team, complete with chapters and supporting links!  I think it will be helpful for them to consume it on their own timeline and that their manager may appreciate not having a larger chunk of time taken from their day.  

Response Signature

That's great to hear, @Stephanie Knoop (ePlus)! Thank you for sharing your experience with the community. I love the chapter feature - it definitely makes it easier for the audience to digest the information. In addition to the time savings from eliminating the need to meet, I'm sure that this Vidcast will be a great resource for the team to refer back to as needed!


Tried this for the first time with my team.  First question how can I use this, it was very convenient.  I can see how this is going to catch fire quickly.  Thanks for including his in Webex.

Thank you for your feedback, @EdmondsM12! I agree, the convenience of Vidcast is great for several reasons. I've been using Vidcast to help reduce the amount of meeting time on my calendar, whether it's to provide an update on a project or even just to say a quick hello to someone in another timezone. Now that the summer weather is here where I'm located, and more people are out of the office, I can send a quick video instead of having to wait until they're back to meet. It makes communication seamless when calendars don't align!


So glad I subscribed to these announcements - I am about to share info about Vidcast with a group inside my organization who I think could benefit from it tremendously. Thanks!

@wrb, thank you for sharing! We'd love to hear how your organization uses Vidcast once everyone has a chance to get started.

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Erin, 

The community team LOVES using Vidcast, especially since we can embed our videos here on the community platform. I know our friend @Kathy N. enjoys the Community Snackable series we post here on the community every week. It is such an awesome tool to record concise videos as well as chaptered demos. Internally, folks send me short vidcasts just to show walk me through a small process they want to show me. All in all, there are plenty of creative ways to use it to work and communicate visually in an asynchronous manner.

Response Signature

@Cole Callahan, like Kathy, I love the snackable series! Your Vidcasts have a tremendous impact and take no time out of my day since I get to watch the updates whenever it's convenient for me! The adjustable video speed is also an amazing time saver whenever my schedule gets a little hectic.

Kathy N.
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

Vidcast has helped me immensely!   I do support for a K12 School District and being able to do a quick video to show teachers and staff how to do something is so easy with Vidcast.  They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, well a video is worth 5,000 words.  Thank you for this great tool.

Response Signature

Thank you for sharing your experience with Vidcast, @Kathy N.! I agree, having the ability to quickly record yourself and your screen and then share that content asynchronously can be much more efficient than having to coordinate a meeting during a busy day. What's also nice is that your colleagues can refer back to your Vidcast as needed, so there's no need to duplicate your efforts & re-explain something at a later date.

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