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Mitchell Drysdale
Cisco Employee

WebexOne: The premier digital collaboration conference


December 8-9, 2020

The Magic of ‘We’

Join us for WebexOne, our premier digital collaboration conference, and enjoy two days of conversations with thought leaders, luminaries, celebrities, technology partners, and Cisco executives, plus over 30 customer and partner sessions. You’ll be the first to learn about Webex innovations that work together seamlessly whether you’re in the office, at home, or somewhere in between.

Webex brings people together to solve the tough problems, to innovate on the next best thing, to connect the unconnected. When we all come together with the right tools to collaborate, that’s when the magic happens, the magic of ‘we’.


Be sure to follow this thread for some important announcements as the event goes on! Respond to this post to join in on the conversation and share any thoughts, ideas, or questions you have about the event.


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Jeetu Patel, SVP & GM
Cisco Employee

Today is the day we've all been waiting for - WebexOne begins. I want to express how proud I am of our team. Our mission at Cisco is to power an inclusive future for all, and throughout the next two days, you will see how they are working every day to make sure that the 3B digital workers on the planet have an equal opportunity to participate in the global economy. We will share how we are making our mission come to life in making Webex experiences 10x better than in-person interactions. And when we meet in person, we'll focus on making those experiences 10x better as well.

These two days will be filled with incredible content, speakers, and even some magical moments sprinkled in. The sessions will be offered in three different broadcast channels for Seamless Collaboration, Customer Experience, and one dedicated to our partners - over the two days, we're offering 30 sessions! Check out the full agenda here.

Join us to witness the Magic of WebexOne. Be sure to respond to this post with any feedback or questions you have about any of the sessions.

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Mitchell Drysdale
Cisco Employee

WebexOne Speaker Lineup!Social_Speakers - 1200 x 630 – Keynote_1.png

We’ve just announced some amazing keynote speakers, highlighted in the attached image and also at 

Join us for an immersive experience exploring the power and magic of collaboration. Enjoy two full days of conversations with thought leaders, luminaries, celebrity appearances, technology partners, and Cisco executives, plus over 60 technical sessions — all at no cost. 

At this premier event, you’ll be the first to see our vision for the future of work. We’re unveiling new Webex innovations that work together seamlessly whether you are in the office, at home, or somewhere in between.  

WebexOne brings the best of the best — top speakers, exceptional content, and you — together to make magic and push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Register Now 

Americas registration here 

EMEAR registration here 

APJC registration here 


Day 1 comes with a few huge announcements, and we wanted to share before the first keynote! 

Go to to start watching!


Welcome to the new Webex10x better experiences just got easier. Introducing the All-New Webex, with innovations geared on seamless collaboration and hybrid work environments. New devices, new Webex features, and new unified workflows to help you become a collaboration champion.  

Introducing the Webex App Hub: Meet the Webex App Hub! This reimagined app ecosystem is designed to help people find industry-leading apps with deep integrations with Webex in order to help move work forward. 

Three new devices announced: We are adding more amazing devices to our collaboration portfolio. Check them out! 

December update: What’s new in Webex?: New features and enhancements announced for the month of December to enhance your collaboration. 


What announcements stick out to you? Have questions? Let us know by responding to this post! 

Some great announcements in those articles, look forward to hearing more about them and then getting access to them.

Day 2 of WebexOne has arrived!

Today is the second (and final) day of WebexOne! On Day 1, we announced the All-New Webex, the launch of the WebexApp Hub, new Desk Series devices, and more! Missed out yesterday? No worries - check them out here


What should you expect from Day 2? More announcements, of course. Here's a few items that you'll see today:

Have more questions?
You’re in the right place! Ask your questions in our Community. Our Cisco TMEs and adoption specialists are monitoring this post to make sure you get everything you need. You can also reach out to your account team for additional support.


This is an awesome line-up, and I love seeing RuPaul on the docket! Can't wait to see what everyone has to share.

Does anyone remember this older Webex commercial? 

So, if we have questions or thoughts about the different WebexOne sessions, we can post them here, correct?

I cannot wait to see him! ️ Seriously - that commercial still stands up amirite?

Mitchell Drysdale
Cisco Employee

You bet!!


Whether it be questions, comments, or general thoughts, post them in this thread. We'll try to keep some of the awesome announcements updated here as well!


Excited to hear about the collaboration announcements that will surely be aligned with our new way of working

Roray Stewart

Great line up of speakers and sessions, excited to see/hear what announcements there may be about the future of Webex.

Kathy N.

Thank you for offering a virtual event for Webex.  I'm looking forward to getting more information on the changes that are coming for Webex to make a more unified experience.  I'm also optimistic about being able to return to normal activities in 2021 and hoping that the 2 sessions on Smart Hybrid Experiences for Enabling Remote Workers and Safe Return to the Office will give me tools to help staff to continue to leverage Webex in the future.  We aren't using the Webex Calling yet but have many staff using Jabber so I'm hoping to get more information on this integration.

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Love to hear your excitement @Kathy N. @jeffrey.moura1 @Roray Stewart !

@Mitchell Drysdale and I will be providing live updates on sessions and sharing resources from the event as they come. Be prepared to see some announcements posted from some of our guests as well. Stay tuned!!

Respond to this post to join in on the conversation and share any thoughts, ideas, or questions you have about the event.

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Javed Khan, SVP/GM Collab
Cisco Employee

Hello everyone! As you know, WebexOne, the premier digital collaboration conference, is right around the corner. And we want you to join us. We're thrilled to share new and exciting capabilities happening within Webex, discuss the future of collaboration, and highlight industry thought leaders, customers, partners, Cisco executives, and more. We are on a journey to create 10x better Webex experiences than in-person interactions.

To prepare you, here is a blog that includes everything you need to know about WebexOne -

While attending WebexOne, keep the conversation going here in the community thread. Whether you want to share your thoughts or ask follow up questions from any of the sessions, this is the place to do that. We're excited for you to join us.

Great line up of people, personally' I'm really looking forward to hearing about the new collaboration announcement's and future changes that are going to be made in Webex.  

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