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Failed to upgrade APIC Controller Firmware via CIMC




I want to upgrade my APIC standby from 4.1(1l) to 4.2(5k) via Lunch KVM CIMC , but it stuck like below capture:


WhatsApp Image 2021-01-22 at 6.41.36 PM.jpeg


I already waiting for a hours but isn't making any progress.







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VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

Hi @williammanurung 

If you are doing this through virtual media over KVM console, it will take a veeery long time (several hours). It might even get stuck at some point.

I would suggest the http server option:


Stay safe,


It took me 3 hours to upgrade CIMC and 2 hours to upgrade APIC using media over KVM option. Never tried to use HTTP option, from your past experience how long will the upgrade take of using media over HTTP? Thanks.

Hi @a12288 

I don't remember the exact time, bit it was definitely less then 1 hour, including the APIC setup.


Stay safe,


Hi @a12288 ,


when u upgrade APIC using media over KVM, where did u mapping the OS? via USB or local drive on your notebook?

did u wipe clean the APIC first?



Hi @Sergiu.Daniluk 


I haven't chance to try http option, since i dont have http server.

When we upgrade virtual media over kvm, do we need clean apic first? can i go from 4.1 to 4.2 directly? for mapping drive, do i need use USB to mount IOS or just mapping to my notebook?



I used my laptop to mount image file and my laptop is 1G via OOB, simply it's more convenient to me. I used USB option in the early days. In term of time spending, there is no difference between those 2 options.

You need to read through release notes, compatibility matrix, etc, I never cleaned APIC prior upgrade and I don't think that's required.

Hi @a12288 


Did you mean compatibility matrix between CICM version and APIC firmware?

When you were upgrading, what happen if we disconnect the connection between laptop and cimc oob?

Just want to know, if we doing upgrade and mount the file to laptop, whether we can disconnect the connection during upgrading.



Robert Burns
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Generally any ISO install/upgrade larger than a few GB, should be done via IMC mapping (www/cifs/nfs).   As for the time it takes, well that depends on your bandwidth, server etc.


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