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gavin han

ACE ; server vlan


do we always have to layer-3 interface of the server vlan on the ACE so as to setup a load balancing?

i.e. support i have server 1 ( and server

do I always have to define server vlan for these servers (that's default gateway of the server vlan) on the ACE? or I can default it any where on our network (i.e. define it on the switch)?

if I can define it on any switch than how would ACE send client traffic to these server?

Thanks in advance...


Hi Gavin,

It depends upon the design, if ACE is configured in routed mode then it is compulsory otherwise if teh ACE is configured in one arm mode then the default gateway can be the other switch. Having said that ACE should be able to reach the real servers through the default gateway of ACE.



Thanks Parvees. how do we find what mode ACE is configured for?

Hello Gavin,

Here you have some links and details of each type of design, you can take a look of that and find out which one matches with your design.

Routed Mode:


Bridge Mode


One Arm Mode


Hope this helps


Hi Gavin ,

1) if the design in transparent mode , you have to create bridgle group associated to the vlan and a bvi for routing to the default gateway .

2)if the design is one arm mode , you have to create client vlan interface and real server is routed thorugh the default gateway

3) if the design is routed mode , you have to create client vlan interface and individual serverfarm vlan interface



Hi Gavin,

In Briged mode, clients and severs are part of same IP subnet but you bridge two different vlans i.e. client vlan 10 and server vlan 20. i.e. The same subnet is used in both vlans. ACE uses ARP to track which VLANs contains what physical devices. The default gateway for servers is upstream router interface.

In Routed mode, clients and server vlans are part of different IP subnets. The default gateway for servers will be ACE interface connecting to servers. i.e. sever vlan IP subnet and client vlan IP subnet

In one arm mode, you have only one vlan which connects to switch or router. Since you have 4 GE ports on ACE 4710, you could build port channel between ACE and Switch. ACE is not in directly transit path of all traffic towards servers. Return traffic from servers in response to load balanced request still pass through ACE but requires to use SNAT( Source NAT)  and PBR (Policy based routing).

Hope this helps.