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ANM Server & ACE Module

We have a Custom built tool to manage our existing CSS boxes wherein we shutdown multiple Services at one single instance without affecting the entire VIP. The reason to do that is because of the following scenario. 10 Servers. Each server has multiple interfaces configured to support multiple websites thru IIS. Out of the 10 Web servers if we plan to remove one server for code upgrade/deployment, we take that server and shutdown all its configured services from the CSS using our tool.

I understand in ACE, the control is not at the Rserver level, but at the Server farm wherein you have all you servers configured for multiple ports. If I want to take a server (which is configured for multiple websites and multiple ports), I have to navigate to each server farm in the GUI (ANM) and then select the rserver one at a time..U know, it is time consuming..

Since ANM uses mysql to store the data collected from ACE module, is there a way we can create custom tools to achieve our requirement. If possible, Could you please provide us more information on the ACE/ANM Interaction and the options to customize ANM features?

I checked and found from CISCO Site that ANM 1.2 is the latest and only available Software package to Manage ACE in GUI environment. Do you have any other recommendations are products?

Cisco Employee

Re: ANM Server & ACE Module

you can do it from the CLI.

Each rserver is defined with just an ip address and you define the port when using the rserver in a serverfarm.

By de-activating the rserver in global, you de-activate it in all serverfarms it is being used.

This does not seem possible with ANM so.

If you don't like CLI, you could use XML commands.


Cisco Employee

Re: ANM Server & ACE Module

actually what you want to do is feasible from ANM gui.

Go to loadbalancing -> Real Servers

Double click on the rserver you want to suspend.

A new window will appear.

Select out-of-service and submit.


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