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GSS NS Forwarding


OK, I've got a problem that I can't figure out.

Trying to make sure that NSForwarding works on the GSS before putting these into production (4492R's).  For whatever reason, A record lookups via the forwarding DNS server work, but anything else (most importantly MX records) do not work at all...

I've found countless other posts that say that it's supposed to repsond with the "real" dns servers answer for anything it can't answer itself, but doesn't want to do this for MX records or SOA, etc....

Any input is very much appreciated.



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Andrew Nam

The GSS only understands A-Record requests.  If you want the GSS to handle MX records, then you would have to configure an Answer of type 'NS' (as opposed to type 'VIP').  The NS Answer will be a DNS server that the GSS can use to query for requests that it cannot resolve.  The DNS server will respond back to the GSS, then the GSS will respond back to the D-proxy as if it had the answer all along.

You might configure clause 1 of your DNS rule for your VIP type Answers. Then configure clause 2 as the NS type.  So if the GSS cannot resolve
using clause 1 because it is not an A-Record, then it will fall to clause 2 and send the request to a NS for resolution.

See the following link for details on the various Answer types and their configuration.

Configuring and Modifying Answers

Hope this clears it up for you,

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