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WAAS Netflow Export

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Can CIsco WAAS generate / Export netflow ?

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Bhavin Yadav
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

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WAAS can only do Netflow if you have a very expensive product like NetQoS. They've locked it down to only them and Cisco's NAM product.So if you're not using either one of these your regular NET flow collector will only accept UDP flows not TCP which is what the WAAS uses to send its flows.

Hi John,

That's not completely true. WAAS does flow the agent to any netflow collector / analyzer. NetQoS and NAM can understand this traffic directly where as you will need additional customized api if you want to export the stats from WAAS to others.

All these APIs are publicly available and listed here:

You can use WAE CM to export these numbers to any NetFlow analyzer.

Hope this helps.


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my understanding is somewhat different. It seems (it is hard to find out the info.) that the flow agent exports some data regarding response time. The API you are refering to doesn't describe how to receive and parse the flow from the flow agent in the WAE. If this is possible, please tell us how ...



Hi All,

Cisco WAAS Flow Monitoring is different from traditional or flexible  NetFlow available on Cisco devices and so NetFlow analysis tools cannot process them. All flow analyzers can process NetFlow data exported from devices that have WAE included with them. But that is just NetFlow and not WAAS Flow Monitoring.

From  what I have heard, WAAS Flow Monitoring is very specific and these flows can be processed only by NetQoS and you  will need NetQoS SuperAgent for this. The NetQoS SuperAgent processes  the flows received from WAAS FlowAgent (which again was developed by  NetQoS) sitting on the WAE. More details in the below link:

But  there are API's available for WAAS monitoring using which any analyzed  tools can report on the performance of your WAAS optimization.  ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer supports WAAS reporting using API. More  information in the below link:

For the type of reports available, check the below link:


Don Thomas Jacob

ME NetFlow Analyzer

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Hi Don,

but in this case (integration with WAAS using the API, not using the flow data from the flow agent), we can't collect the response time:

     Packet arrival time in milliseconds

The question is: is this flow agent export "open" for everyone or not ? I'm using opensource solutions, I can't pay for NetQoS or NAM. I would like to know if there is a way to integrate with this flow agent and collect the response time.



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Cisco WAAS reporting using NetFlow can be done with almost any

NetFlow collector that supports both ingress and egress flows.  We posted a Best Practices blog releated to Cisco WAAS and NetFlow.

I don't understand why we can’t change the netflow export to different port.

This will help us much as we use WCCP over GRE and we don’t see the original traffic from the router in our IDS system, only the encapsulated GRE traffic.

Regards Jan