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Ask me Anything- Application Hosting on ISR, ASR, CSR and Catalyst Routing Platforms

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Ask Me Anything

Ask questions from Tuesday, July 20 to Friday, July 30, 2021

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This forum is a chance to clarify all your questions related to Application Hosting on ISR, ASR, CSR and Catalyst Routing Platforms

Edge Compute is evolving as a key pillar as part of next-generation Enterprise WAN Edge deployments. This session will focus on Containerized Application Hosting capabilities of Enterprise Routing platforms. At the start, it shall establish the understanding of Platform Service Plane architecture and how that accommodates the Edge Compute possibilities in the form of IOx App-hosting Infrastructure. The intermediate level session will also touch into the ‘how’ part of the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting for an end-to-end workflow. More importantly, it will highlight the deployment best practices of native LXC, KVM applications in the WAN Edge Routing Platforms.

Featured Speaker

Sumant Mali is a passionate Network Enthusiast with 12+ years of Industry Experience. Currently a Technical Marketing Engineer for ASR 1K as well as Catalyst 8500 series. A hardcore Quality Assurance engineer with Thrilling Escalation Handling Experience that has shaped him into who he is today.


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