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Cisco Employee

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Join Cisco virtual event on the 21st of September to learn how to activate Cisco ThousandEyes Intelligent Insights Service embedded in your DNA Center subscription and benefit from unrivalled visibility into the Internet, Cloud, and networks your businesses run on.


In the rapidly developing world of technology, where the cloud became the new data center and being connected is a must, monitoring and optimizing the health&performance of the digital experience became the status quo. ThousandEyes and Cisco Intelligent Insights Service give access to observatory tools that can make this happen smoothly and successfully.

The Webinar that we are going to deliver on the 21st of September is going to provide more insights how this can happen, how it will be benefit your organization and enable you to fully utilize the features at your disposal. You will also be presented a few use cases that give you a clear understanding of the advantages that CIIS brings to your network and application performance. If your company already has the active DNA Center license but hasn't started utilizing the ThousandEye observality tool, you must attend. Registration is open to anyone who'd like to join! Don't wait to long and book your seat now.


Do you hear about ThousandEyes for the first time? Watch the short video to see what there is for you.

Still not sure how you can utilize ThousandEyes observability tool across your network? Here are some leading use cases:

  1. WAN experience: provides Customer with plan and implementation of Cisco Intelligent Insights service for WAN experience, which helps Customer to gain insights and monitoring of availability and performance of their sites, in particular when they aim to significantly reduce WAN costs by moving to a global Internet WAN as the new corporate WAN monitor the availability and performance
  2. Application and service availability: helps Customer to gain insights and monitoring of availability and performance of applications and services. It also helps organizations with the shift from on premise application delivery to both cloud and SaaS-based services using an Internet-based Corporate WAN and providing insights into how an application performs based on real data and also how to plan the utilization of applications and de-risk rollout of new applications and services which requires understanding the application dependencies such as latency requirements especially for latency sensitive applications such as video.
  3. End-user and Employee experience: helps Customer to gain insights and monitoring of availability and performance of applications and networks. End user experience may be affected due to various factors: applications availability, WAN or LAN performance, and Cisco Intelligent Insights service help customers in identifying the contributing factors that may affect the availability or the performance experienced by such users. This service is highly recommended for customer whose employees are remote workers and also for those with end users where their experience monitoring is a key factor contributing to brand preservation and to reduce customer attrition.

Join the upcoming event to learn more about all most common use cases and the ThousandEye activation procedure.register_event_button.png


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