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Alt Default Gateway?

Brian Bergin
Level 4
Level 4

If a customer had OnPlus and their primary Default Gatway goes down that would obviously make working with the Portal useless.  I'd like the ability to provide a backup Default Gateway.  We have customers with more than one Internet connection for various reasons like one dedicated for security cameras, but in an emergency I'd like to be able to have the OnPlus appliance "fail over" for lack of a better term to a secondary default gateway if the primary is off-line for x minutes (and x should be definable per location with perhaps a default of 5 minutes).


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Level 1
Level 1

Hi Brian,

For the scenario you described, would there be cases where something like HSRP/VRRP could be enabled across the two gateways?  I am also assuming that both gateways would be on the same subnet?


HSRP/VRRP works for me, but seeing the number of customers I have with more than 2 Internet connections on separate routers grow over the past couple of years this might be a great thing to help trouble shoot if their primary goes offline.

And, yes, they’d both be on the same subnet.