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Jabberguest-demo 10.6.9

Kieran McDonnell

We've recently had Jabber Guest installed and working, but we need to get timed URLs configured to make it usable.

We can't/won't give admin usernames/passwords out so the python script is out.

Looking at the Jabberguest-demo API files I've hit a problem right at the start.

I've installed a Ubuntu server VM to play with initially, after extracting the files the says on the 6th line:

"first verify that the tools folder (or a symlink to it) exists in the parent directory"

Unfortunately, I don't know what tools folder it is talking about - so I can't create a symlink as I don't know what it's supposed to be pointing to.

The document doesn't seem to give any further information on it. I've installed the other requirements (Tomcat, Maven, Node.js, Grunt) that I have managed to find from reading through.

Unfortunately I've got a networks/servers/desktops background and haven't done much web development or programming so the instructions don't mean very much to me.

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