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Persistent Chat on CJ4W

Mark Swanson

I have a question regarding the Persistent Chat feature on Cisco Jabber for Windows v11.5.4. Well, more of a feature request unless there's an acceptable workaround.

Here's the key configurations for the IM&Presence (v10.5.2.22900-2) server, pertaining to this question/request;


Presence Settings

     Cluster ID = Default Format (StandAloneClusterxxxxx)

Group Chat and Persistent Chat Settings

     System automatically manages primary group chat server aliases = ON

     Allow only group chat system administrators to create persistent chat rooms = OFF


Under the 'Chat Rooms' icon within Cisco Jabber, when users create a new chat room... they're prompted to enter the following info;

Room Information:



   Type: Public <OR> Restricted

   Location: { Automatically Select }  <--- This is the problem

   [  ] Add to "My Rooms"

   Moderators (up to 30): {    }

The problem is, 99.9% of the users don't select a location from the drop-down menu. Therefore, Cisco Jabber "automatically selects" and assigns a conference location aka Group Chat Server Alias to the user. In this case, that happens to be the FIRST alias listed alphanumeric within the drop-down menu which causes one IM&P server to become responsible for all persistent chat rooms hosted by this server. Also, the postgresql database is not equally distributed amongst the IM&P servers, thus, if something happens to this particular database or IM&P server... the vast majority of chat rooms won't be available until it's restored.

My question, or request is... is there a way to change the behavior of Cisco Jabber; meaning, when you create a new chat room, is there a way to RANDOMLY select a conference location from the drop-down menu - rather than - automatically selecting the first conference location within the list.

I understand we can 'Add New' Group Chat Server Aliases within IM&P to manipulate which conference server is listed first but this is kinda messy, plus, we wouldn't be able to delete the "old" Group Chat Server Aliases since they would be likely tied into existing chat rooms. Also, I understand Cisco recommends that we enable (i.e. turn ON) the following setting;

Allow only group chat system administrators to create persistent chat rooms = ON

However, this setting allows the user to freely create, edit and destroy chat rooms within a timely manner while prompting self-help services.

Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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