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Please note that Remote Expert Mobile announced end-of-life and support will end on February 28, 2022.

SX80 and Sound Reinforcement

I see the SX80 supports sound reinforcement (PA) natively.  I'm looking to take this approach but in a "combined room" scenario.

Current deployment:

2 Rooms

Room 1 - SX80, Crestron 16x16, DSP

Room 2 - SX80

There is an IR sensor that detects a movable wall.  When wall is not detected, the system joins the two room (screens mirror what is in room one) and joins all the mics from both rooms as well as the speakers.  The SX80 for each room is only using one MIC input (coming from DSP/Crestron) and one audio output (going to DSP/Crestron)

Now, with the Sound Reinforcement on the SX80, I only need it to function when the wall is not detected.  I know the sound reinforcement uses audio outputs 5/6.  Since the SX80 is driven off of API's, could the CRESTRON send an API command to the SX80 to use audio output 5/6 when the wall is gone and NOT use it when the wall is in place?

Thanks for everyone's input. 

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