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APIC-EM Discovery finds device but doesnt add to inventory (and cant find others...)

Ok, so Im just trying to get APIC-EM running and I keep running into this issue no matter what i do.

I've attached a net diagram to clarify...

Currently running APIC-EM Version


The issue I have is that I can find one device and it wont spider out from it ton find the devices below the front device.


I've been using the ip address of the external interface of the first device connected to the cloud device shown in the pic. The APIC-EM is running as a virtual machine with 6 cpus and 32gb ram, it installed and runs with no issue. The APIC-EM virtual machine has static routes pointing to the the virtual routers and the virtual routers can be pinged from the APIC VM and they can ping it.


I should mention the APIC-EM is on, the gateway interface to the topology is on

Also routing is fully realised as noted above pings work for all devices I want discovered.


I've tried manually searching using ip range but it only finds the first node in the ip range.

I've watched the terminals of the routers in the topology, and I can see the message:

*Jan 12 12:30:18.298: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from by snmp

So I can see the devices are being pinged by APIC-EM via SNMP.

I have enabled CDP and LLDP on all devices, and all devices have the same SNMP config:

GATEWAY#show run | i snmp
mmi snmp-timeout 180
snmp-server community XXXX RW
snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication linkdown linkup
snmp-server host XXXX


CLI and community strings are correct so I am at a loss why I cant find any devices and the one I do find wont actually become a managed device...


Any assistance would be appreciated.