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Beginner tabulate issue with switch stack



I'm new to the world of coding but have an extensive background with Cisco.  I've recently installed APIC-EM to see what it can do.  I found the '' in the learning labs to be very practical.  I tweaked the device_list within the python script to get '[item["hostname"],item["managementIpAddress"],item["serialNumber"],item["platformId"],item["softwareVersion"]' as these are values I'd like to see.  Using tabulate makes this information easily transportable to an excel doc. I was really excited about this until I added a switch stack.  No more nice columns.  Each switch in the stack provides a "serialNumber" along with "platformId" for that one respective device item.  This throws off the nice column flow.


I'm posting here to see if anyone has run into this yet and/or can offer some advice to get me going in the correct direction.


Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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Re: tabulate issue with switch stack

Your code is fine, just resize you terminal window to make it wider

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Re: tabulate issue with switch stack

Hmmm, I don't have a stack with which to test.  Can you post the output of the APIC-EM JSON (maybe from Swagger under the "API" link at the top of the APIC-EM pages) for such a network-device?  I think maybe you're saying the platformId is a list rather than one value?  The resulting output of your script showing the stack output would also be helpful.

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