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Ability to select a register devices for third-party call control

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Level 1

If a user has a Cisco 8861 and DX80 register simultaneously to CUCM, however can JTAPI select just a DX80 OR Cisco 8861 for third party call control?

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Level 5

Yes, applications can use either of the devices.

Devices are assigned to Application user or end user in CUCM admin.  JTAPI applications can do third party call control with all the devices assigned to the users. Some devices might need additional roles assigned to the user (Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and conf role for some of the type of phones mentioned). HTH

Thanks Mohan but how do you select one of the registered devices if they all registered (Jabber, DX80 and Cisco 8861).  For example, Jabber, DX80 and Cisco 8861 are registered under one account, how do you select just Cisco 8861 for third party call control.  Also, what is the function to see what type of devices are registered under one account?

provider.getTerminals() returns all the devices configured in the user control list in CUCM admin.

((CiscoTerminal)terminal).getTypeName() should return the type of the device (e.g: Cisco DX80). This should enable you to select the correct terminal to add observers and find the state.

Why does JTAPI term.isRegistered() reported that the physical phones 8861 and 7841 for false when they are registered