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Custom UDS Servers for directory search on Jabber

Hi, I'm trying to build a couple of custom UDS servers to bind di 2 different user profiles for Jabber. The goal is providing a separated phone book for users with profile A (linked to the UDS Server A) and users in profile B (linked to the UDS Server B)


I'm trying to build a PoC about that scenario. The landscape is the following:


My local machine:
- Jabber
- HTTP server listening on port 8443 (HTTPS) and serving a custom XML for test purposes


Cisco Sandbox (CUCM 12.5):

- I set in the UC Service a Jabber Client Configuration (jabber-config.xml) with key UdsServer equal to

- In the user profile, I checked Directory Profile > Use UDS for Contact Resolution

- In the user profile, again, I bound the Jabber Client Configuration (jabber-config.xml) Profile to all the devices.


When I start Jabber on my local box, it properly connects to the CUCM but it can't connect to my local directory server. If I look into the status menu, I can see that Jabber is trying to search the directory server at (HTTPS). However, the log of my local web server is empty, it looks like no requests hit my local server.


I can't wrap my head around this architecture. Isn't a custom UDS server contacted directly from any Jabber client? If so, why aren't HTTP requests hitting my server? Not sure if I'm moving towards the rights architecture for my needs.

I really appreciate any help

Cisco Employee


Hello @floatingpurr,


I don't have an answer for you but wanted to add the Jabber phones sometimes don't have full connectivity on these free DevNet sandboxes and that might extend to communication with the server as well. I know for a fact that on some of the sandbox labs, I can connect two Jabber phones but no audio can be heard. Some protocols are blocked; it's not fully-functional


I did find a couple of resources to help you troubleshoot:



Hope this helps!



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