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GSAPI MediaSense Integration

I see that the GSAPI allows the ability to fork media from a CUBE router via the XCC Provider RequestXccCallMediaForking operation.  The relevant information in the sample shows this:

<RequestXccCallMediaForking xmlns="">



















I'm curious how we would integrate with a Media Sense server?  Is it as simple as providing the Media Sense server IP and listening port range into this API (after registering)?  It seems like there would be more to this in order to capture all of the relevant metadata, but just curious if I'm missing anything here.

Also, I don't see documentation on what version the GSAPI is available in.  Is this new with 10.0, or was it around prior?

Cisco Employee

Re: GSAPI MediaSense Integration

Got one comment from the team:

There are different ways to configure CUBE to do media forking:

MS use CUBE configuration like

media class 102

recorder parameter

  media-recording 108 110

to do media forking

CUBE configuration using

uc wsapiuc wsapi

provider xmf

Is used for UCM “Gateway Recording”

Most probably, MS will support “Gateway Recording” in 10.5 release, planned for spring 1014.

Cisco Employee

Re: GSAPI MediaSense Integration

Another comment from the team:

I think CallManager uses SIP trunks to control MediaSense in conjunction with UC Gateway services.

In any case what we send for media forking is just a one way rtp stream to destination.

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