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JTAPI versions JDK Docker

We are using JTAPI as part of a Java 8/Spring Boot application to implement 1st and 3rd party call control on CUCM. The application currently runs in a Docker container (see Docker specs below). After reviewing the JTAPI Supported JVM Versions document (link below) we want to confirm if and how these support guidelines apply to our application, and validate that we developing in an environment supported by Cisco.


Unified JTAPI Supported JVM Versions Reference Document:


Docker Specs:

  • Docker image maven:3.5.2-jdk-8-alpine
  • JTAPI Client Version 10.5-2.10000-1
  • JVM is 1.8.0
  • OS = Docker Container running on AWS EC2
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Cisco Employee

Re: JTAPI versions JDK Docker


It appears that the Amazon Linux AMI is (or was at some point) based on CentOS, so having JTAPI formally supported for RHEL is good, though not an exact match. 


Similarly, JTAPI testing appears to be with Java 1.7, so 1.8 'should work', but is not officially supported.  If you can run the process that interacts with JTAPI in a 1.7 JVM that would be the best for compatibility/supportability.


So, if you're looking for a perfect blessing, unfortunately AWS docker/Java8 seems to be off the mark.  The ultimate risk is that the non-standard platform introduces some kind of issue - and if DevNet support/JTAPI engineering determines the issue is with the non-standard platform, they may not be able to pursue troubleshooting/fixing.


However, the likelihood that things work fine is very high IMHO, as the platform is very similar to the tested/supported versions, and JTAPI seems to be quite 'pure' Java-wise.  Certainly careful testing/validation on your part can help ensure things work smoothly.


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