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Managing calls over an intercluster trunk with JTAPI


  • Party A is on cluster 1, party B is on cluster 2. Call is routed over an intercluster trunk (ICT).
  • JTAPI for the cluster 1 provider sees a terminal connection for party A, and a connection for party B (external, via ICT).
  • JTAPI for the cluster 2 provider sees a connection for party A (external, via ICT), and a terminal connection for party B.
  • The call IDs (GCID) are different from each cluster.

How can the application using JTAPI correlate or match these two calls?

In Re: Can JTAPI control calls between different Providers back in 2015 it was stated that the only way was to compare calling and called address names; however, as explained there, this can be complex because of transformation patterns.

In the 7 years since then, has anything new been added to JTAPI that would help with this?

I see End to End Call Tracing (getUniqueID) and End to End Session ID for Calls (getLocalUUID, getPeerUUID) which sound like they may help with this problem. Is this the right direction to go in? Has anyone successfully used these features for this purpose?

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