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Hi, I'm trying to understand something and I hope this is the right section to post this. I'm wondering how does 3rd party applications (such as Imagicle) record calls (Audio) for CUCM calls (in term of coding)? I have read some posts online but ther...

Hi everyone,I am working in a Unity SQL query to see which users have the option "Set for Self-enrollment at Next Sign-In" but I dont see flag boolean in any table. I know there are reports in where you can get those users automatically, but I am wor...

Hello, I would like to know how can I obtain Hunt data like Rtmt has: (Amount of queued calls, Longest Queued etc) and also how can I monitor a single Agent in that Hunt. Is it only possible by CDR?    

amit_akuka by Beginner
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We use CUCM12.5 to monitor call events of extension terminals (using JTAPI). We are currently investigating resource consumption. I think that at least three objects(Address, Terminal, and Call) will be observed for one device (phone). At this time h...

HD_RR401 by Beginner
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Hi team,We are tying to pull the CUCM (Both v10.5 SU3 & 11.5 SU7) service logs (E.g. Cisco Audit Logs) via the Log collection API as detailed here -!log-collection-and-dimegetfileservice-api-reference/log-colle...

krnsn1601 by Beginner
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I am testing curri and external call control, if i put external call control in translation pattern or route pattern with 0.! , if i digit from my phone 034 immediatly cm make a request to my test application, but i need to digit 03456etc number. for...

maurotb by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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Hello Everyone, Can anyone help me with the Lua scripting. I have created the below response normalization Lua script.  M={}function M.outbound_404_INVITE(msg)msg:setResponseCode(406, "Not Accepted")endreturn M This is applied on the SIP trunk to the...

RG84 by Beginner
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Hello Folks!I working on a project where I required a little input from your side!We have created cucm cluster having one publisher followed by three subscribers! I wanted to implement this thing via JTAPI which actually has 1 provider for each cucm!...

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